14 Churches in 7 Hours

Last weekend, I went a little crazy.  In the morning, a friend and I attended the station church Mass at 7 am, and visited a couple of the churches in the area.  I had plans to run an errand and check out another two or three churches that had been on my list to visit.  Problem is, in Rome, you can't walk down the street without finding churches.  And more churches.  And...maybe a few more churches.  I started keeping a list, because I knew I'd forget what I'd seen.  By the time I arrived home at 1 or 1.30, I looked at my list, and realized I'd seen a grand total of 14 churches in 7 hours!  Here's the list, and my brief notes from each one.  I didn't take many pictures, because I wanted to be able to see and appreciate what I was experiencing.

1) Santa Maria della Vittoria: Mass, famous Bernini statue of St. Teresa of Avila in ecstasy.

2) S. Maria degli Angeli: astronomy, modern art, baths of Diocletian.  (Check out the church here.  It's very, very interesting!  The "modern art" note refers to a strange sculpture of the head of St. John the Baptist.)

3) S. Bernard alla Terme: St. Pius X, round church with BIG statues

4) Oratorio Angeli Custodi: tiny, big intricate Nativity scene

5) S. Silvestro: St. John the Baptist's head!!  Our Lady della Speranza (A beautiful image of Our Lady, with a model of a ship at her feet.  Need to research this more.)

6) S. Claudio: St. Peter Julian Eymard, adoration!, Our Lady of the Eucharist

7) S. Maria in Via: Madonna del Pozzo/of the Well

8) S. Ignazio di Loyola: wow.  The ceiling is not to be missed.  Sts. Robert Bellarmine and John Berchmans.  Huge!  Beautiful!  Plaster model of S. Ignatius statue that is in St. Peter's.

9) S. Maria sopra Minerva: come back.  adoration, St. Catherine of Siena, wow - blue, stained glass, lots of Dominicans running around with purple stoles offering confession.

10) Gesu: St. Francis Xavier, lots of Jesuit martyrdoms, spectacular.

11) Ss. Sudario: replica of the Holy Shroud.  baby church.  adoration! Sisters of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary

12) S. Andrea delle Valle: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of the Rosary!

13) Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: come back

14) S. Agostino: Madonna del Parto, tomb of St. Monica

[caption id="attachment_1536" align="alignnone" width="645"]Madonna del Parto, of Childbirth, for my sister. Madonna del Parto, of Childbirth, for my sister.[/caption]