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Trust in God

Some days, God just throws you a challenge.  I've had a handful of these challenges in the past - sometimes it's humility, sometimes forgiveness or sacrifice.  This week, it has been abandonment to Divine Providence.  Sacrifices are never wasted, but sometimes God chooses to redirect them in ways that you could never see coming.

Trust is hard.  I've had to relearn at times how to trust different people.  However, trust in God is a hard one to learn.  It seems to be something I've taken for granted until now, but I realize now that trust in God is more than just a placid acceptance of whatever comes my way.  Generally, if I can't change something, I just go with the flow; if it's something I can change, I generally try to, rather than ask what the will of God really is.  That's not really trust.

So what is real trust?  The Merriam-Webster dictionary has trust as "belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc."  So trust h…

Midterm Data Dump

I know I haven't gotten the chance to post for a long time.  Life's been crazy these last few weeks, so I thought I would finally synthesize a bunch of pictures that I've taken or stolen from my mutually adopted little brother.

First off, the Legion of Mary has begun thriving this semester.  Thanks be to God and Our Lady, who have worked through me very thoroughly!  We've grown from a core of 8 remaining from last year's alumni departures, to 15 new members.  4 years ago, there were about 4 members, so I think we're making good progress.  The role of president is a tough one, but it's been much better than I'd originally expected it to be.  I know that all the progress we've made has not been me, but rather my surrendering myself as a tool to Our Mother's use.

[caption id="attachment_1159" align="aligncenter" width="652"] At the club fair, the Legion of Mary table was front and center on the Commons stage![/caption]


Poem of the Month: October 2013

The Way Of A Maid - Francis Thompson

The lover whose soul shaken is
In some decuman billow of bliss,
Who feels his gradual-wading feet
Sink in some sudden hollow of sweet,
And 'mid love's us-ed converse comes
Sharp on a mood which all joy sums--
An instant's fine compendium of
The liberal-leav-ed writ of love;
His abashed pulses beating thick
At the exigent joy and quick,
Is dumbed, by aiming utterance great
Up to the miracle of his fate.
The wise girl, such Icarian fall
Saved by her confidence that she's small,--
As what no kindred word will fit
Is uttered best by opposite,
Love in the tongue of hate exprest,
And deepest anguish in a jest,--
Feeling the infinite must be
Best said by triviality,
Speaks, where expression bates its wings,
Just happy, alien, little things;
What of all words is in excess
Implies in a sweet nothingness,
With dailiest babble shows her sense
That full speech were full impotence;
And while she feels the heavens lie bare,
She only talks about her hair