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Pope Francis' General Audience Yesterday

I was enthralled by the text of Pope Francis' General Audience on Wednesday, April 3.  Here is the link to the full text and to Fr. Z's commentary, but I wanted to include the second half that particularly caught my attention and made me tear up with its beauty and profundity.  I've highlighted my favorite quotes.  I'm going to put this up on my wall.  Here's my vocation!!  The vocation of a woman and future  vocation of a mother, and the current vocation of a young person, all wrapped up in the mystery of the Resurrection and explained in the context of the Risen Christ!
Another element. In the professions of faith of the New Testament, only men are remembered as witnesses of the Resurrection, the Apostles, but not the women. This is because, according to the Jewish Law of the time, women and children were not considered reliable, credible witnesses. In the Gospels, however, women have a primary, fundamental role. Here we can see an argument in favor of the histori…