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Quick November Update

Time for another round of "What's going on in Rebecca's life and why hasn't she posted for so darned long?" otherwise known as Intelligent News Gathering, November Edition.
Hosting: At the beginning of the month, Iris and I hosted a belated housewarming party!  It was such fun - parts of both families, some of my friends, and lots of hers, who I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know.  When the conversation gets deep and philosophical around 10 PM and the last guests don't leave until midnight, that's a good party!
Working: Fortunately, I have multiple projects that have all managed to pile up on me, all needing to be done by Christmas.  Happily, I'm getting paid for all of them, but sadly, I'm basically streamlining my schedule so that I can come home from work and make the most out of my evening hours.  It's going to be a crazy few weeks, so I'm afraid you won't be seeing much of me on this blog until Christmas time!
Praying: I'm in th…

Library Card

I'm still surprised I survived for three months without a library card!  Thankfully, I'm familiar enough with the city that I felt up to exploring the local branch of the Ann Arbor District Library last night.

I'll have to poke around more in the daylight, because the building is very interestingly designed.  It's modern-art-y but in a fairly tasteful way; very open and brightly lit with big windows.

I only had an hour, and a project to get finished, so unfortunately I didn't get the chance to look at their book selection.  I basically just found a comfy chair and used the wifi!  But happiness and joy, I can check out and return books interchangeably between branches; this location is just ten minutes from work, and there's another one close to my apartment.  So that makes life easier!

It seems I'm officially a resident of Ann Arbor - had to show proof of residency to get the card.  And now that I have a library, I feel more at home in my adopted city!  Thi…

Poetry for Veterans' Day

In memory of all those who have served our country, I want to share with you a few favorite poems by the great poets of the First World War.  This Veterans' Day holiday was first called Armistice Day, and celebrated the end of the Great War, which brought so much devastation to the world.  There are more that I would love to include, but here are a few moving examples from war poets.  Take the time to think and meditate upon the sacrifices and suffering that these men and women have endured.

Prayer of a Soldier in France - Joyce Kilmer
My shoulders ache beneath my pack
(Lie easier, Cross, upon His back).

I march with feet that burn and smart
(Tread, Holy Feet, upon my heart).

Men shout at me who may not speak
(They scourged Thy back and smote Thy cheek).

I may not lift a hand to clear
My eyes of salty drops that sear.

(Then shall my fickle soul forget
Thy Agony of Bloody Sweat?)

My rifle hand is stiff and numb
(From Thy pierced palm red rivers come).

Lord, Thou didst suffer more f…

First Steps on a 33-Day Road

Tomorrow is really exciting, and a bit scary.  Tomorrow happens to be a very special day, but not as special as the one that will follow thirty three days from tomorrow.  If you happen to know what I'm talking about, or you are an amateur numerologist perusing your liturgical calendar, you are now nodding your head and smiling a little.

Tomorrow begins a very important journey for me.  On December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I will renew my consecration to Jesus through Mary.  If you've seen me at all in the past year, you'll notice that I wear a silver chain bracelet on my right wrist.  That chain is a visible, concrete reminder of a promise I made to our Blessed Mother that I am hers, her slave, handmaiden, and child, now and forever.  I've given her my whole life and all that I do, all my stress and my prayer intentions, all my hopes and fears.  She is my Queen and my Mother, always!

Perhaps you're making the Consecration too, this year, in prepa…