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Greetings!  Welcome to my blog reboot after I left WordPress.

So far I'm liking this new setup, but it'll take some tweaking, so be patient!

I'll see you around!

Blog transfer

Dear readers,

Anyone else who uses WordPress will know that since Friday, there has been a rainbow banner imposed on the top of our admin pages.  I've greatly enjoyed using WordPress for the last four, almost five years, but I am very irritated at this blatant intolerance of my own religious and moral beliefs.  It's one thing if they put it on their own home page, but to force it on every blog owner's admin page is unprofessional and unnecessary.

That being the case, this blog is on standby until I figure out how to transfer it over to another blog platform. My final post will be a link over to my new blog site.  I'll let you know soon!


I'm being driven back to God by boredom.

Life is an Impressionist painting viewed too closely.  I'm sure there's a picture here somewhere, but right now, it's all blurry patches of color that don't match.  Post-graduation life is not the neatly organized world I'd planned to construct for myself.  It's a messy, disordered, uncontrolled flop so far.  Most of that is my fault - I've been distracted and unmotivated.

Now, I'm wrapped in a nice little downward spiral of disappointment in myself, living vicariously through books, and experiencing very brief spurts of "I have to get at least ONE THING done!"

The center of the spiral is the fact that my spiritual life has gone to pot since I left college.  This is precisely what I predicted would happen, an outcome which I didn't have enough self-control to ward off.

After a half hour in the adoration chapel tonight, I was graced with a brief consolation.  I'd been afraid to turn back to Christ, thinking how I would feel if someone I lo…

#WhyRemainCatholic: Conscious and Confident

I've got no great conversion story to narrate; I probably can't even describe a time I really struggled with the idea of keeping my Faith.  What I can say is that I am consciously, confidently Catholic.

My parents are both converts.  It's a great blessing, really, because they were discovering things about the Faith even as they were teaching me and my siblings.  They have always been devoted, pious, and committed to the Church they chose as adults.  We grew up well-catechized and well-formed, though always with the knowledge that we were different.  The world wasn't somewhere we fit in.

I've never taken my religious and moral beliefs for granted - 4-H State Band weekends and band practice kept me grounded.  There were plenty of people around me who just didn't care.  That being the case, I came very close to boxing up my faith and putting it on the Sunday-and-Holy-Day shelf.

For four years, I was dead set on going to music school; I planned to major in Arts Admin…