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Poem of the Month - June (barely!)

Can't believe I've missed posting for so long.  I have somewhat of an excuse, though, as I've been working about 48 hours a week since I left school.  Let's just say working in the cubicle across from your dad is an interesting experience...I was going to post the Cremation of Sam McGee for this month's very late poem, but then I realized I already used it, back in January.  Therefore, I'll go for another of my favorite poems - The Right Must Win, by Father Frederick William Faber.  The poem has especially good application today, since our American government has held up an inherently immoral mandate in the highest court of the land, and things are looking grim both for Catholic and for human rights.  Big Brother is looming.  And sometimes it seems like the world has gone crazy, and what hope can there be left for the lone heroes who try to struggle on along the narrow road? The word "inspiration" come from the verb to "spirate" or to breath…