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Deo gratias.

So I thought about celebrating Thanksgiving by reading "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" - because the holiday is all about the Puritan pilgrims, right?  So what better way to remember their legacy?  Okay, fine, I've decided I should celebrate like a good Catholic. Ergo, Deo gratias!  Thanks be to God!  Thanksgiving doesn't make much sense in this secularized culture; we have to realize Who we are saying thanks to.  Deo gratias, then, for all of the gifts and talents that we have been blessed with.

This semester has hammered home to me the many things for which I need to be grateful.  I've been blessed with a slap of reality in so many ways!

Deo gratias for my faith, and the hope that it gives me.

Deo gratias for my deeply supportive friends, and for the graces to accept their help in my weakness.

Deo gratias for my family, always around for a text or a call when I need a few words of honest wisdom.

Deo gratias for a few true gentlemen who have proven to me that …


Greetings all!  I thought you might like to know that I've started working with the website as an intern!  Visit their site, and specifically their "meet the intern" post, here.  God bless - I'm extremely busy so say a prayer for my sanity!