Small Successes: Baby Steps

Linking up with CatholicMom again today!

Moving out is quite the challenge.  For some silly reason, I expected the process to be basically like going back to college.  Not so much...there are ties being severed in a way I haven't experienced before.  It will be a very difficult transition, but I think I can make it.

A few small successes this week as I get ready to move - just baby steps, but they're helping the list get a little shorter.

Martha (my new-to-me VW station wagon) got blessed this week!  The old blessing has some lovely phrases in it.  It mentions the holy angels surrounding and accompanying the car, and asks that "just as by Your deacon Philip You gave faith and grace to the man of Ethiopia as he sat in his chariot reading the Sacred Word, so, point out to Your servants the way of salvation."  And maybe it's all psychological, but I have felt better driving Martha now that she's blessed.  Driving solo in a new vehicle, which was very difficult for the first few days, is less stressful.

Twenty-three boxes of books and several bins later, and I feel like I've barely put a dent in the packing job.  But we did get the bookcases and dresser carried out to the garage, so that's a good start.  Luckily it doesn't all have to go north yet, as long as I sort out the essentials (of which the 9 boxes of fiction are the primary component.)

Wedding programs are ordered and my bridesmaid dress has been taken to alterations, so the wedding project is making progress.  At this point I should have it all figured out for whenever I get married myself, wouldn't you think?

Oops, I almost forgot!  I donated my hair this week, so the almost-waist-length locks are down to a seasonably cool shoulder-length crop.  It's so much lighter and easier to take care of!  I'm still getting the hang of styling it, but that will come.

Ciao for now!


  1. WTG! I admire those 9 boxes of fiction. Well done. And you'll need to share a selfie with new haircut!


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