Life Update

Just a quick update for those of you keeping tabs on me here!  In a week, with the help of St. Joseph and my parents and numerous other kind people, I managed to get a car, a roommate, and an apartment.  The apartment process was agonizing, but luckily we had a lovely saleswoman helping us.  My roomie and I are excited about our little two-bedroom flat in Ann Arbor, and I'm trying not to go nuts with all the college dorm sales at Bed, Bath & Beyond and all the other shops!  I have to keep reminding myself that a lot of things can wait until after the first couple of paychecks.

At final count, I packed up twenty-three boxes of books.  Yes, 23.  Somehow Arabic numerals seem more innocuous?  Pretty sure I could build an emergency shelter out of the fiction alone.  I'll post soon about my Survival Kit, books that I've set aside to help me keep my sanity during the first month or so.

The other major project on my plate right now is wedding planning for my dear friends, Brian and Lindsay (my travel buddies in Rome).  I'm enjoying their excitement - Brian is trying to be very restrained, but it's not working.  Lindsay is bouncing off the walls, and it's adorable.  I'm doing my absolute best to make sure they have a day that's as close to perfect as God wishes it to be!   The logistics are fun, although I admit at the moment my main challenge is delegating as much as possible.  It's all in the lists!

As usual, pretty crazy in my world - just the way I like it.  More of substance soon!