Shelf Spotlight: Audiobooks

Hello y'all! I thought I'd still do a quick shelf spotlight, even though this weekend has been insane.

Since I'll be living in Ann Arbor, I've started to find ways to cope with the long drives home to Indy. On a test run down to my grandmother's house this week, I discovered to my surprise that audio books do indeed have a place in my life. I've been resistant to the idea for a long time, because I could never find an occasion where I wanted to listen to a book rather than just sit there and read it myself.  But while I'm used to driving now, I just get bored in the car.  After a while my own head gets dull, the radio is irritating, and music only keeps me functioning for so long. Hence, audio books! Thank heavens for a tablet and Martha's multimedia port. I'm picking lighter reads so I don't risk distraction, so at the moment I'm working my way through a set of children's stories by Terry Pratchett.  Next up is the Chronicles of Narnia!

I'm also on the lookout for podcasts that can be downloaded. If you've got a favorite podcast source, or a great audio book to recommend, share in the comments below!