Life Update

Hello!  Sorry for the long silence over here.  It's been a crazy week, between funeral prep, packing, a trip to the State Fair, visiting my grandma, attending the funeral, driving to Michigan, and settling in at my new apartment and job.  So yeah, I've been growing up with a vengeance in the last few days.

There's been ups and downs, all lessons learned for the future.

Sunday, after driving up, I attempted to iron a blouse for my first day of work.  It melted in 0.75 seconds.  So now I can't use the iron because it has very interesting blue melted gunk on the soleplate.  Thanks, polyester.

And I wore the wrong shoes to work the first day.  See, my office building is about a mile long, and the chapel is at the other end.  I didn't expect that the walk to noon Mass was going to be quite so...penitential.

I keep getting lost on the way to and from work, although I'm rather proud of myself because I keep finding my way back.  I'm telling myself that I'm actually learning, getting familiar with how the streets run.  All I've learned so far is that roads keep turning into other roads, nothing is straight, and there is a pothole plague.

On the bright side, I made French toast for my roomie and myself*.  This may sound simple to you, but in reality, that meant that I cooked a meal for the first time in my new apartment, plus learned how to use gas for the first time ever.  Trial and error turned out a pretty decent batch, and the lack of a pancake-turner and maple syrup were substituted for by a mixing spatula and blueberries.  It seems to take a lot of butter to fry the toast because the pan gets so hot, but it's also possible that my baby frying pan and the gas don't get along.  And my mother's cookies, surprisingly discovered in the freezer just before leaving, have been keeping me sane.

Evenings are weirdly empty at the moment, but I plan to remedy that just as soon as I make it past this head cold that decided to attack me on Monday.  Right now I'm vegging out, collecting bills, fighting with maintenance, and waiting for my first paycheck.  I'm clinging to the instinct that growing up is worth it!

*Yes, Dad, that's the proper usage. :)