Shelf Spotlight: Corinna Turner

Welcome to this week's Shelf Spotlight!  I've had the fun of reading a series by a brand-new British author, Corinna TurnerChesterton Press had me proofreading the American editions, which was a lovely privilege.  When she gave me the first one, I meant to finish it by the end of the week deadline.  As it happened, I was a bit of an insomniac that night, couldn't put the book down, and stayed up until 4 in the morning to finish the proof! 

The books are somewhat comparable to a Catholic take on the dystopian world of The Hunger Games and a young adult thriller version of Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World.  The characters are compelling and the story gripping; the stream-of-consciousness style is occasionally off-putting but easy to ignore once the plot begins to move quickly.  I have to admit, I've always had a love for the Elizabethan Catholic recusants.  Corinna's books draw heavily on that heritage, and do so well. 

I Am Margaret is still my favorite of the series, but after finishing the proof for Liberation last night, I'm eagerly awaiting the next book for all the loose ends to be tied up.  So far, only I Am Margaret and The Three Most Wanted are available in the US, but Liberation is coming in October!  Click on the images below to see Chesterton Press catalogue pages for each book.

I Am Margaret

Based on the story of St. Margaret Clitherow, this is an intriguing look at a young adult's faith in the face of a disastrously pagan dystopia.  Great world-building and conflict, which is made even richer in the following books.  My favorite part is Easter - you'll understand why.  :)

The Three Most Wanted

The three central characters of the first book, the most wanted criminals in the EuroBloc, are now on a long, dangerous trek to safety.  This is a close run for the favorite, just because I LOVE the way she handles the Vatican Free State and the community there.  I really, really want to go live there!  I'm so happy that Liberation delves more into the people and way of life in this Catholic enclave that is still so connected to the rest of the world.

Liberation will be available in October from Chesterton Press!

P.S. Bonus story... So my childhood nickname is Punkin.  My dad uses it every time he sets up a new piece of technology for me, with the result that my computer's name is Punkin.  Which means that Punkin shows up on all of my comments and changes in Microsoft Word and Adobe.  Which means that this lovely British author with great talent knows Punkin.  Because she only sees my edits.  At least she'll know who I am if I ever get to meet her, I'll just introduce myself as Punkin!