Summer Art

I was looking over past blog post and had the thought of putting together a collection of summer artwork.  It is time for finding beloved old pictures from the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and looking for new ones that, I suppose you could say, express "what summer means to me".  Now, maybe this is my feverish brain stuck in a khaki cubicle talking, but summer is still summer even if I don't have a window nearby!

First up - two old memories from homeschool IMA field trips.

Landscape near Arles by Paul Gaugin

Landscape near Arles - Paul Gauguin

The Reaper, by Vincent Van Gogh

The Reaper - Vincent van Gogh

Crimea. Gazebo. by Pyotr Konchalovsky - Doesn't this just make you want to ditch whatever you are doing and go sit in the shade with a lovely view, a good book, and a iced cup of lemonade?

Crimea. Gazebo. - Pyotr Konchalovsky

Breakfast under the Big Birch by Carl Larssen.  Mommy and I discovered this Swedish artist when we picked up a little book of his paintings at the Carmel Clay Library booksale.  We thought the paintings were so pretty and so beautifully detailed!  I love the pen or pencil and watercolor style.

Breakfast under the Big Birch - Carl Larsson

Last but not least, what collection of summer is complete without a Norman Rockwell painting?  Flowers in Tender Bloom by Norman