Life, Books and Weddings

For all my vows of spending frugally this summer, I did go and spend about $25 on a book-shopping trip with a good friend.  I still have the goal of cataloguing my library - which comprises many, many feet of books and at least half a dozen boxes - but I added about five books to it this week.  What can I say?  There's a type of mental state that's induced by the interior of a bookstore. 

I've been listening to a lot of Celtic Thunder, Simon and Garfunkel, Statler Brothers, Shostakovich and random classical music.  Classical's a lot less distracting while I'm at work, but that doesn't mean I'm a good girl all the time - I need my dose of CT! 

I'm about halfway through my first backpack of books from the library.  Went to renew my books just now, only to discover that apparently I left my card there...three weeks ago...and never noticed it was gone... 

Hoping and praying that all the music comes together for my sister's wedding on Saturday.  Also that everything else comes together!  It's getting complicated and panicky over here.  I think we're all ready for it to just be over and done with.

Still praying to St. Aurea for the same intention, which will probably be known one way or another by the end of the week.