Corporate Commentary

1. Elevators are inventions of evil, designed to force you to have awkward conversations with people you don't like or have never talked to in your life.  Keep the conversation vague and nebulous, and just remember it will be over quickly - or not, depending on how many floors are in your building.  Don't say anything stupid, lest the random stranger turn out to be an executive. 

2. Bathrooms are also an extremely awkward place of conversation.  You never know who you'll meet.  You are brought together by the common force of nature, but anything could happen.  General etiquette for both elevators and bathrooms entails that you say AT LEAST  a "Hello!" upon meeting and/or a "Have a good day" or something similar when exiting.  The situation gets more awkward if you both pretend to not notice each other's existence.

3. When passing someone in the hallway, smile and nod or say a cheerful "Hello!"  It's just odd to avoid each other's eyes.

4. The appropriate response to "Thank you" is "You're welcome", not "No problem".  Nor is it necessarily "my pleasure", as some will attempt to tell you.  It doesn't have to be a pleasure for you; if it's not a problem than gratitude is extraneous; your response ought to be an acknowledgement of the other's gratitude, no matter what you think of it.

5. The appropriate response to "I'm sorry!" is "You're forgiven" or, when it really is said casually, perhaps "It's fine".  If someone really is apologizing, and this applies more for a social setting, then the least you can do is recognize the apology for what it is, and assume it to be sincere unless you know otherwise.  A sincere apology merits forgiveness.

6. You will inevitably have to work with people you don't like.  Deal with it, somehow, some way, in a civilized and professional manner.

7. Don't take your work home at the end of the day - it just lays the stress on everyone else.