In Memoriam

The night before Brian, Lindsay, Sarah and I left the United States to fly to Rome, we received a message.  After a time in the hospital, our friend Charlie had died.  We were unable to be there to support his family and friends, and even to grieve with them or attend the prayer vigil and funeral.  Most of us didn't sleep the whole night before we left, because the shock and the grief was so strange and overwhelming.  However, we have been offering prayers for them all across Italy, and will continue to do so.

Charlie was a good man, and I count myself blessed to have known him, however little.  I'd been looking forward to his marriage to Monica, but now I will pray for him and ask for his prayers in return.

The following link is to a post written by a good friend of both me and Monica, which speaks better than I can.  Thanks, Em, for your words.

On Grief, and on Moving On