The Crisis of Christendom - Dr. Warren Carroll

At long last, the sixth volume of Dr. Warren Carroll's History of Christendom series is published!  This volume, entitled The Crisis of Christendom, is available here (or click on the cover below) from Christendom Press through AmP Publishers Group.  Dr. Warren Carroll, who died two years ago July 17, was the founder of Christendom College and a well-respected historian.

The front cover is an image of Pope Pius XII at the bombing of Rome.  The story of the picture may be found here.crisis cdom final

Yours truly was the student assistant for Christendom Press - it's public information now (in the acknowlegements page), but I tried to keep it somewhat quiet at first.  I was blessed to be entrusted with the job of taking the manuscript from its intial editing phase through the entire publishing process.  Since I want to be an editor, this was an amazing experience for me!  I line-edited all 900+ pages, did a ton of publishing tasks, found out how to get an ISBN number, had the privilege of working with Mrs. Carroll, found out all the random things that have to be done before you actually get a physical product, and finally got to actually hold my "baby" and know that all the work I'd put into it paid off!