And now, for a completely frivolous blog post, which is entirely unconnected to the deep matter I planned to discuss today.  Thanks to Gloria, over at Purely Stylish (and a couple of other blogs) I discovered more fuel for my one and only fashion obsession.  Scarves.  Ask my roommates - I have many scarves.  Many, many scarves, which I really need to STOP buying.  Actually, my last scarf purchase was back in May...ha.  Take that, addiction.  At any rate, scarves are my one concession to the world of fashion and color.  I would actually be completely satisfied to wear all-black, all the time (it goes with everything and therefore negates any necessity of planning outfits) with a different scarf every day.  Unfortunately that look is not approved of by most of the people who ever comment on my outfits.

Needless to say, there are a limited number of ways to tie scarves.  I'm always looking to pick up new techniques.  Imagine my delight, then, at discovering!  The bestest part of this website is the Knot Library!  I plan to try a couple of these next semester, specifically the Fancy Braid and Fake Knot.  I need something that can be done quickly in a couple of minutes at 7 A.M. in a half-dark room.