Quick November Update

Time for another round of "What's going on in Rebecca's life and why hasn't she posted for so darned long?" otherwise known as Intelligent News Gathering, November Edition.

Hosting: At the beginning of the month, Iris and I hosted a belated housewarming party!  It was such fun - parts of both families, some of my friends, and lots of hers, who I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know.  When the conversation gets deep and philosophical around 10 PM and the last guests don't leave until midnight, that's a good party!

Working: Fortunately, I have multiple projects that have all managed to pile up on me, all needing to be done by Christmas.  Happily, I'm getting paid for all of them, but sadly, I'm basically streamlining my schedule so that I can come home from work and make the most out of my evening hours.  It's going to be a crazy few weeks, so I'm afraid you won't be seeing much of me on this blog until Christmas time!

Praying: I'm in the last week of my annual preparation for the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.  I'm determined to continue making this devotion a dynamic part of my spiritual life, and to grow ever more deeply in my relationship with Mary so that she can lead me to her Son.

Reading:  For my Advent spiritual reading, and in preparation for the Jubilee Year of Mercy which begins on December 8, I've started The Second Greatest Story Ever Told by Father Gaitley.  I realized that there is much I need to learn about the Divine Mercy message and devotion, although the Forty Hours parish retreat at Old St. Patrick's last weekend helped a lot.

Singing: Not sure if I've mentioned on here, but I did join the parish choir!  And I absolutely love it so far.  We're learning a few English motets, a new style for me but quite fun.  The choir director is great at challenging us to expand our repertoire, and trains us so that we can meet the expectations.

Relaxing: My Thanksgiving weekend was a nice long five days with my family.  I was able to meet up with a friend for lunch, get a little freelance work done, and spend the rest of the time putting together a large, complicated jigsaw puzzle and playing with my adorable niece!  She's a bundle of energy and thoroughly enjoyed having grandparents and two aunties to dance attendance on her every whim.

Watching: I took a friend to see Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch a couple of weeks ago!  A wonderful dose to my Shakespeare-starved soul.  I've got a review in process, but suffice it to say, BC makes an engaging and relatable Hamlet, and I quite enjoyed most of the director's take on the play.  It was a lovely evening out on the town.

Gosh, I know there's been more this month, but I'm afraid I'm brain-dead at this point.  Just wanted to give you a little something, since it will continue to be quiet around here until 2016 rolls around!  There are a few things I'd love to share, but right now my freelance contracts take precedence.  

In the mean time, I wish you a blessedly penitential and happy Advent season!  Come, Lord Jesus!