A Little Rant on Work

It's so easy to get frustrated at work. The cafe gets crazy busy on most days, and it seems like it doesn't take much to mess someone's order up, or hold up the line, or get mixed up as to who's doing what. The problems are compounded when despite how hard you work, the people around you make mistakes too. It's easy for me to lose respect for fellow employees who don't seem to care about doing a good job, don't take ownership of their mistakes, and don't try to improve. Inevitably, I find myself in a near occasion of the sin of anger very frequently!

I finally forced myself to stop and consider whether there is really a difference between my work ethic and others', and why I take my work so seriously.

Part of my mentality, I think, is my own high standards. I expect a lot from myself, as evidenced by my insane schedule last semester! I have little patience for my own faults, and even less for others when I hold them to the same standards, often unjustly. But more importantly, I hate looking incompetent. In isolation, I have no problem acknowledging the fact that I can't do everything. But it's appearances that bother me - how others think of me - and that is merely pride.

I've realized that i need to get my head straight. There is everything laudable in desiring to do a good job for the sake of those for whom one works, and for the pleasure of a job well done. However, a job is not well done unless it is done also with patience and charity!

[caption id="attachment_1928" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Gerrit van Honthorst, "The Childhood of Christ" Gerrit van Honthorst, "The Childhood of Christ"[/caption]

St. Joseph, grant that I may be a good worker; help me to strive for perfection for the sake of others, with patience, fortitude, and charity.