Where do I even start?  I’ve no way of predicting what life will be like this year.  There are so many things to be done in the next four months before graduation, but there is much more to the year after that point.  I’m having a hard time thinking beyond the semester—I’m even having having trouble envisioning myself outside of the college framework.  Not to mention the overarching question of “what are you doing after graduation?” (I’m considering creative answers like “becoming a professional ice cream taster”, “raising sheep in the Australian outback”, and “joining a gospel choir”.)

I suppose the problem is this: I am made to be a whole person.  Environment and employment aside, I must continue growing, maturing, and becoming the woman God wants me to be.  Any resolutions I make for the year have to be focused on that one goal, which remains a constant in my life.

With this in my mind, I’ve been trying to focus on a few overarching goals for the year.  My first priority is to reboot my spiritual life with daily habits that were previously a part of my life, but have become more of a struggle as time went on.  These include spiritual reading, Scripture meditation, the Rosary, morning prayers (my favorites are the Lorica of St. Patrick and the morning offering) and the Legion of Mary prayers.  I’m endeavoring to ramp up my spiritual life, too, so I’m beginning spiritual direction with my college chaplain.  Finally, I want to focus on the practice of the presence of God: doing all my work for Him, through Mary, and remembering to keep close to Christ and Our Lady throughout all the day, no matter what is going on.  Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!


  1. You are so very very right in all of your ideas. You have 4 months before graduation and you've so much time before than. You're made to be the Whole Catholic/the Whole Person/the Whole Christian. That is the conversation before you. Clearly education aside, who is it you truly are called to be… Educator, homemaker, or woman for the sake of the Kingdom through our Lady. Any of those are beautiful things.

    Gods Choicest Blessings through our Lady!


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