The Travel Chronicles: Euro Edition

Everybody keeps asking me if I'm excited about going to Rome.  Sure I am, but mostly I'll be excited when I'm actually in Rome and the stress of travel prep is out of the way.  The to-do list covers a whole sheet of paper, but is slowly being whittled down until the final entry: PACKING.  At the moment, however, I'm just trying to put the last pieces together so that I can actually pack.

Today's job, after several hours of substitute teaching, was to order euro.  (Apparently the plural of euro is euro, for anyone {like me} who thought it was euros.)  Weeks ago, I'd called around to several different banks to find out if any of them handled foreign currency.  I finally found one that told me I didn't have to be a member to order.  So today mom dropped me off at that bank and went to run a couple of errands.  I got into the bank, and found that I apparently did have to be a member.  Drat.  So I spent the next half-hour standing outside the bank in the cold waiting for my mother and calling more banks.  (Thanks, dad, for looking up all those numbers for me...)  No luck.  At this point I was practically in tears, just sure that I'd have to pay the exorbitant airport rates.

The moral of the story is that AAA is my best friend, now and forever.  My mother dragged me over there (don't ask me why I hadn't called them earlier).  It was quick.  The exchange rate was good, and I didn't have any fees.  Not only that, but they actually break down your order into smaller bills, so you don't just end up with a few hundred-euro bills!  I currently adore AAA.

The travel prep goes on, with one more thing checked off the list.  As each thing gets accomplished I feel slightly more excited about going, and I don't wake up stressed in the morning or have horrid dreams about not being able to find a hotel.  Yes, I have had a couple of nightmares about going to Rome...  Oh well, one more thing off the list, and I'm one step closer to Bella Roma!