It seems necessary to do a New Year's post while still in the month of January. I've been trying to come up with words but it just isn't working. At the moment, I'll express myself in the words of an old poem and prayer, which I found in my prayerbook 'Blessed be God'. 
A year is dead, a year is born;
Thus time flies by on silent wing:
Thou, Lord, alone canst guide our course
And safe to heaven Thy people bring.

For all past gifts we render thanks;
For graces new we humbly pray.
Oh, grant that we and those we love
May ne’er from faith and duty stray.

O Lord, our daily wants supply;
Protect from sickness and disease;
And deign to give, O God of love,
The blessing of unbroken peace.

Oh, blot out all our ancient sins
And give us strength to fall no more;
When fight is o’er and victory won,
Then crown us on the eternal shore.

For all the year’s old sins we grieve;
Our hearts we consecrate to Thee.
Grant us, when all our years are sped,
Our heavenly Father’s face to see.

This year will hold much for me and those I love. A small part of what will come I can expect - semester in Rome, beginning of senior year, the last college summer. The myriad possibilities are frightening. If you stop and think about it, they're rather paralyzing. Remember, though, that the possibilities aren't just being thrown at you to use as stepping stones or to trip you up. Each event, each foreseen and unforeseen future, is a stone given us to build the house in which we will receive Christ.