2013: Reflecting

2013 was quite the year, in retrospect.

Kevin and I began a solid relationship when he called my father to ask permission to court me - a relationship which has been a wonderful adventure.  He, and our relationship, has consistently been the best part of this year.  We were able to meet each others families, too!  I know I've loved getting to know his family.

I made it through my fourth and fifth semesters at Christendom College.  They've been tough, intense, gruelling, and generally pretty awesome!  Keeping and strengthening friendships, as well as creating new ones has been a tangible gift from God.  I survived a semester as president of the Legion of Mary; or rather, I spent a semester learning how to open myself to Mary working through me.  Kevin and I discovered the joy of praying together, saying a daily Rosary as much as possible and consecrating ourselves to Jesus through Mary.

Said goodbye to the seniors in May and greeted them - and other old friends - as alumnae in October.  Made another farewell to a wonderful girl who will be joining the convent in August.  Thanks for a great ride, Minion!

Family paradigm shifts happened in June and October, both of which have been intense but full of love.

A good friend pulled me into the Catholic Writers Guild and the Catholic Writers Conference.  That was the week of a lifetime!  I met so many great Catholic writers and publishers, ran around like a chicken sans caput, and was rewarded for my pains by good conversation, new friends and mentors, and a proofreading gig for my #1 favorite current Catholic intellectual.  (Check out the St. Austin Review, y'all, and if you find any typos sue me.)

This year has held so much stress and so much joy - as usual!  It is the way of the world, after all.  I know there were a million things that could have gone better this year, but there you have it.  Stress is a relative thing, and it really doesn't matter once it's over.  I have received many opportunities to grow and mature.  Some of these, I've actually grown and matured through.  Don't worry, I'm sure I'll get more chances.  :)

Honestly, though, looking back, I have so much to thank God for.  So much joy! you never see the opportunities for joy until you reflect.  Maybe that's why we have these reminders; the holidays, markers in time that give us the mental break we need to remember and rejoice.  Time isn't always a threat, a tap on the shoulder to remind of mortality and passing.  Time is a chance to remember the human limitations that keep us humble, so that we can meditate on our maker and rejoice in His Eternity.