A Meditation on Fuzzy Caterpillars

I've been watching my stats and it seems that people actually read this blog, which is a happy and comforting thing.  However, if I don't write anything, I suppose there is little for my darling readers to actually...read.

I had a Thought the other day.  Therefore I shall endeavour to share that Thought and why I thought it was a Good Thought.

There are a lot of fuzzy caterpillars around campus this year.  I swear, I have never seen so many caterpillars in all my life before this semester!  As I almost stepped on another red and black moving pipecleaner, I remembered that caterpillars turn into butterflies and moths.  They're very pretty creatures, at least the larger ones, until they flit into an electric light and die in a foul stench.  That's beside the point.  Or is it?

It can be very, very hard to look at a caterpillar and see it as a butterfly.  Especially here at college, I realize that we're all still caterpillars, of varying types and sizes and colours.  Eventually, however, we'll all turn out as moths or butterflies of some shape and form.  Often, we have the habit (and I'm equally guilty of this) of making snap judgments about people.  Since the student body  as a whole tends to like Jane Austen, I'm not sure why we all end up behaving like Elizabeth Bennet.  Yet we do.  People irritate us, they do something stupid, we hear a rumour about them, and we write them off as little moths doomed to end in the smoke of a porch light.

I'm in my third year at college.  I have gotten to the point where I have changed enough in my own caterpillar-self to be able to watch others changing, and begin to see the potential of the beautiful butterflies they will become.  I regret, now, the people that maybe I wrote off in my first semester.  There are some relationships I never built that I probably never will because I couldn't see the beauty of the butterfly, and there are some I thought butterflies who are turning out moths with singed wings.  Remember that both moths and butterflies have wings capable of so much flight and beauty.  A humble moth blending into tree bark has its own splendor.  Not all moths end in flame, and not all butterflies escape the candle.  Let's look at our own wings and learn to fly well with them.

The relationships you make at college are a gift from God.  One has to be open and receptive to the gift, not to mention flexible!  Just like a caterpillar as it flows its fuzzy way over the ground.