Meanwhile in Kittenland

Little balls of energy and fluff have invaded our apartment.  They have claws, bright (occasionally manic) eyes, perky tails, and Mack-truck-sized purrs.

Finnegan Patrick, occasionally referred to (by me) as "Dammit, Finn!", is a beautiful tabby with the type of curiosity that has killed other cats.  Portia's sweet face conceals a wild and crazy Hyde side, and a penchant for being overly affectionate at 5:50 AM.
When they aren't learning the word "NO", they are entertaining us with somersaults, sleeping in awkwardly cute positions, and generally being much fun.  My roommate Iris has a video up on her blog of us bringing them home last week - check it out here!

I'm heading down south for the centennial running of the Indianapolis 500 this weekend, so I will be incommunicado for a few days.  Y'all have a great Memorial Day!