I have an announcement - an announcement! - and I want you all to be the first to know.*
*Points to whoever correctly identifies that quote.

My roommate and I are getting KITTENS!!!  {insert high-pitched squealing here}


This is the momma, and attached to her are eight little palm-sized fluffballs with tiny rat tails.  Momma is part Maine Coon, complete with ear tufts and poofy tail.  One of the three little calico babies will be mine!  I'm open to naming suggestions, preferably classical or literary.  At the moment, the two front-runners are "Agent" and "Portia".

In other recent news, I had a delightful visit with my ex-roommate, thesis partner, and honorary sister Lindsay, who is expecting a little one this summer.  After eight months of only Skype and texting, we had a few hours of much-needed girl time before her baby shower.

Notice the adorable baby bump!

Lindsay's family's dog apparently decided over the weekend that I was her best friend.  I was to be sat upon at all times, just to make sure I stayed put and provided the requisite petting and love.  My lap provided an appropriately-located napping position.

Hope you all have a lovely Holy Week.  I'll be in the pews at Holy Rosary for the first time in at least ten years, so it's a good opportunity to re-orient myself and really take the time to pray.  This is my favorite time of year.  The Extraordinary Form liturgies are so rich and layered, and I love helping with all the behind-the-scenes work with my family.

Late on Wednesday, at, you'll see a reflection on my memories of a very special Holy Thursday in Rome.  I've also written an article for ye olde Alma Mater, "The Five Love Languages of the Cross", which might be something to read in preparation for Good Friday.

Those articles will have to serve as my meditation for you all this Holy Week, since I'm honestly too busy and distracted right now to write anything remotely profound on this blog.  Over the course of today, it's my goal to detach from technology as much as possible, so that I can focus on the most important person of the next few days: Jesus Christ, in His Passion, Death, and Resurrection.