Living the High (Kings) Life

Best part of being independent?  The freedom to grab my roommate and hop down to The Ark for a High Kings concert!  These guys are spectacular musicians first and foremost, and just all-round fun people who made a lovely effort to connect to their audience.

Photo credits all courtesy of my lovely roomie.

We were so close to the stage - The Ark is a lovely little venue, very comfortable and intimate, and we were just three rows back from the guys.  I may, possibly, have been fangirling just a bit...and maybe slap-happy and a bit hyper...but hey!  It's not often I get to enjoy an evening of blood-pumping, dance-worthy Irish music from one of my all-time favorite bands.  Just hoping none of them noticed me gazing up at them in a slightly idiotic fashion.

Stunning accordion skills, lovely harmonies, tinwhistle talent that makes me want to either go practice or throw mine out of the window in despair, bodhran playing that made my wrist feel sore just watching!  I was honestly in awe of their musical abilities through the whole show, and they were switching instruments all over the place on top of that.

There were many moments of "fix the earpiece". :)
 The four of them came out to sign autographs after the show, which was very sweet of them as they were clearly exhausted from their American tour!  Do ignore my utter un-photogenic-ness.

Darren, Brian, Finbar, and Martin
I'm riding high after last night.  The show was a great morale-booster and just a fun time.  There's something engaging and appealing about Irish music, and the spin these guys take on it is always lively!  I'll hang on to this little oasis of joy and beauty.


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