Starting Fresh

For my own sake, I have decided that it is high time to pick up the pieces and post something cheerful on this blog!  2015 ended in a depressed slump, as a chaotic month of chasing my tail over freelance projects switched gears into mourning the loss of my grandmother.  2016 has potential to be quite interesting, as I begin my first-ever full year of "adulthood" (which is quite a relative term if you think about it.)  No more bouncing back and forth like a ping-pong ball between home and school; no repeat of 2015's school/graduation/job hunting/frantic moving/wait I'm an adult now-ing.  I hope.

I'm looking at a year of 8-5 Monday-Friday work weeks, punctuated by the occasional holiday, weekends in Indy, and perhaps a few adventures here and there.  Happily, the benefit of an office job is that it gives me evenings and weekends to do (or choose to not do) stuff in.  Right now, that means balancing freelance commissions with a burgeoning social life.  In the future, however, it might mean starting a new website and writing a book.

Yes, you read correctly.  I'm still waiting for confirmation that this book is truly God's will, but all signs point that way at the moment.  (Although I have to say, St. Joseph favors rather subtle signs.  Or maybe I'm just being stubborn.)  More details in coming months, as I work with my publishing mentors, develop a platform game plan, research the best ways of using social media, brainstorm the topics I want to cover, design a website, and most importantly, write!

So say a prayer for me in this New Year.  I've already discovered some of God's great blessing this year; soon after I got back from the holidays in Indianapolis, I received some emotional reassurance that was greatly needed.  Losing Granny created a sinkhole in my heart, but the friends I've found and the life I'm building up here have helped to remove the rubble, so that God's love can close the gap.

And honestly, some rather good things have happened of late.  I made significant progress in the apartment, finally purchasing a desk ($10 at Salvation Army, and Mommy thinks I can sand and paint it this summer) and setting up a lovely workstation in my bedroom.  It was a much-needed development, and makes freelancing incomparably easier.  Speaking of freelancing, one major project was finished up last week, so that's a weight off my back.  And another one is developing nicely!

I just counted up, and realized that there are 5 babies coming for people close to me in the next six months.  Five!!  On top of a recent arrival just before the New Year, a coworker's girl is due in March and a new Michigan friend's surprise in May.  To make life even more interesting than that, my sister and two close college friends are all due in the same week of June!  So many babies!  That means crafting projects for details here lest a reader spoil the surprise.

And last but not least on the list of morale-boosters, my cooking skills have progressed in the past few months.  More of my recipe attempts have turned out well than those that have failed miserably, although I admit I might just have burned chicken nuggets the other night.  And there was that one soup with too much garlic.  But anyway!  I can bake, I can cook, my budget is not in too awful a shape, and my apartment is comfortable and clean.  So far, I give myself a B+ on adulthood!

To finish, a nonsense poem that I was thinking about the other day:

The V-a-s-e
by James Jeffrey Roche

From the maddening crowd they stand apart,
The maidens four and the Work of Art;
And none might tell from sight alone
In which had culture ripest grown,—
The Gotham Millions fair to see,        
The Philadelphia Pedigree,
The Boston Mind of azure hue,
Or the soulful Soul from Kalamazoo,—
For all loved Art in a seemly way,
With an earnest soul and a capital A.

Long they worshipped; but no one broke
The sacred stillness, until up spoke

The Western one from the nameless place,
Who blushingly said: “What a lovely vace!”
Over three faces a sad smile flew,        
And they edged away from Kalamazoo.
But Gotham’s haughty soul was stirred
To crush the stranger with one small word
Deftly hiding reproof in praise,
She cries: “’T is, indeed, a lovely vaze!”        
But brief her unworthy triumph when
The lofty one from the home of Penn,
With the consciousness of two grand papas,
Exclaims: “It is quite a lovely vahs!”
And glances round with an anxious thrill,        
Awaiting the word of Beacon Hill.
But the Boston maid smiles courteouslee,
And gently murmurs: “Oh pardon me!
“I did not catch your remark, because
I was so entranced with that charming vaws!”      
            Dies erit pr√¶gelida
            Sinistra quum Bostonia.


  1. Hang in there. The first year of adulting is hard and often humiliating when you realize how many ordinary things you don't know how to do or have no desire to do. I'm writing a book right now and after reading Chandler Bolt's book, I plan to dictate most of my book into a microphone so I can finish faster!


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