Quote for Thought - Dean Koontz on True Love

Sully had known love but never true love.  True love wasn't defined as being willing to die for the one you loved.  That was part of it, but the smaller part.  Hell, he had been willing to die for the women he loved, for women he didn't love, and even for a few dreadful women he disliked, which was how he ended up with one eye, one ear, and one hand.  True love meant being willing to live for the woman who was the other chamber of your heart, to work yourself threadbare for her if necessary, to know her mind as you knew your own, to love her as you loved yourself, to cherish her above all earthly things unto the end of your years.  There was the valiant and exhilarating life, more thrilling than ten thousand expeditions up ten thousand Amazons!
The Dead Town, Dean Koontz, p. 375