Small Success Thursday: Wedding Edition

It's time to get back into the swing of things!  Writing prompts help me a lot, so here goes for this week's edition of Small Success Thursdsay, hosted by CatholicMom.

After a year's worth of planning and preparing, my friends' wedding was successfully pulled off.  The end result was remarkably smooth, thanks to a large crew of friends and family who put so much time and effort into the day!  There were so very many little pieces that all had to "click" in order for the big pieces to happen...and they did, thanks be to God.  But there were always the problems that come up, large or small, which led to some very grateful praises of Divine Providence when they were all solved in time.  So here's to the workings of God for which I was not responsible!

Disclaimer: the wedding was held in Virginia; I am from Indiana, the groom is from Texas, and the bride was from Ohio.  Which means that this entire event was long distance and engineered from hotel rooms and Christendom's campus!

- We discovered at the last minute that in order to order cakes from Costco, you have to actually go to the store instead of just calling.  By a delightful concatenation of circumstances, I ended up being able to borrow a car for the purpose driving some of the members of the Legion of Mary into town, near the Costco, and having another friend to take with me, Said friend just happened to have a Costco card, and voila, the cakes were ordered.

- On the morning of the wedding, we went to set up at 8:00 AM in the hall for the reception.  Contrary to what I had been assured of, the kitchen was locked...and we had a half-decorated wedding cake to finish and chill.  Plus no place to put the food when it arrived!  By means I know not, nor do I wish to know, one of the guys managed to get the kitchen opened, just in time before I and the baker began to panic.

- However, the fridge was not working fully, and there was no room for three large sheetcakes in addition to the decorated cake.  (These mishaps are apparently all cake-related.)  So at 11 AM, mild panic ensued as to where we would find a fridge for the next 6 hours.  Again by a surprising train of circumstances, a friend of mine happened to have just moved back into town, her fridge was mostly bare, and it was less than ten minutes from the banquet hall!

- Miracle of miracles, the entire day was on time or early.  Reception setup took only two hours, the bride and groom were ready for the wedding ten minutes early, pictures took precisely the amount of time I had hoped, we entered the reception hall on the clock, the food was amazing, the DJ was spectacular and SUCH a help, the reception ran smoothly, cleanup took less than half an hour, and although I was dead on my feet, I was absolutely as euphoric as one can be without being the bride or groom!  <-- Ignore the run-on sentence.  I'm channeling my inner Dickens.

Overall, a success!  I'm not sure I could coordinate a wedding again, not unless it was for a friend.  This isn't something I could do for money, only for love.  But it was fun, and I loved being command center, problem-solving and managing all the little details.  Now I just have to recover!