Working on a movie review for y'all, but I wanted to share this quickly.

Several times as I was telling people about my job, they asked where I found it, and I was surprised to discover that a lot of people don't know about  I spend two months trolling it this summer, but unfortunately, they don't give frequent-applier points.  This site was a lifesaver for me in my fresh-out-of-college career search!

CatholicJobs is super easy to use - here's the homescreen:

I usually searched for jobs by category, because I was trying to keep my options open as far as location and specific job type.  Below is a screenshot of the category "Publishing/Journalism" which is where I spent a lot of my time!  Because of my interests, I also regularly checked the Clerical/Administrative page.  There are a lot of options, and it's a great resource if you're really interested in putting your talents at the service of the Church.  I recommend rechecking every few days, because it's best to jump on a posting as quickly as possible!