You Know You're Catholic When...

Anyone else had these experiences?  Just had #4 tonight!  More to come eventually, I'm sure.

1. ...the house is filled with electrical smoke but your mom wakes up and thinks it smells like incense.

2. genuflect before sitting down at a concert or in a movie theater.

3. ...a drop of rain falls on your forehead and you instinctively make the Sign of the Cross.

4. see the letters "BVM" on a license plate and immediately think Blessed Virgin Mary.


5. ...your manager's name is Chris but you keep automatically typing Christ.

6. ...on a form you see Marital Status: S M W D (Single, Married, Widowed) and the only meaning you can think of for D is Deceased; you forget about Divorced.


  1. Well-at the movies- I didn't genuflect exactly because I recovered awareness of what I was doing just in time to make it look like I had intended to tie my shoe lace all along :)

    Also, along the same lines, shortly after I left the monastery in 1965 the Army grabbed me up. I wasn't in very long before I came close- so close- to saying "Yes, Father" instead of "Yes, Sergeant." I never would have lived that down in a million years. So close.

  2. Almost genuflecting before going into a row of seating..... SO MANY TIMES.

  3. where is the like button? ;)


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