Wedding Pictures

The official photographer's pictures are here, but I've included some here from my camera and my cousin's. 


Sarah and I went out on Thursday to get manicures and pedicures - our last "girls day" before the wedding!  We both got French manis - I went for pink on my toes, she did dark red.  Awesomely relaxing afternoon before chaos broke loose for the rest of the weekend.




Yours truly, maid of honor!  This is my dress and hair all ready for the wedding.  Better pictures will have to wait until we get the photographer's photos later.  At least you can see the color - when Sarah originally picked it out, the fabric swatches looked atrocious.  The end result, however, was a gorgeous color.


The mother of the bride adjusting the veil.  Sarah had the regular veil and a blusher for Daddy to put back.  Mommy had an awesomely cute green dress, which hopefully you'll get some idea of in these pictures!  She looked so pretty.  I'm kicking myself for not arranging Sarah's veil later - the long under veil by the end of the ceremony was hanging straight down her back, not nicely spread out across her shoulders.



Again adjusting the veil.  The florist's work was amazing!  I absolutely loved the flowers in the bouquets for the bridesmaid, but she also did corsages for the mothers and grandmothers. Mommy's corsage was beautiful!


Wedding llamas!  Because we were all about to cry so I had to do SOMETHING to make everybody laugh!  Isn't Sarah's dress absolutely beautiful?  It's very flattering on her.

downsized_0601031124Bridal llama, complete with ring and veil!

downsized_0601031125The back of the dress and her veils.  At this point we're about wrapping up, almost ready to go over to the church.



I know this isn't the best picture in terms of quality, but I love the looks on everybody's faces.  This is after the wedding, the bride with her parents.  Doesn't Daddy look good in a tux!


The Willen side of the wedding.  From left to right - my paternal grandmother, me, my father, Sarah and Ryan, my mother, and my maternal grandparents.  One of the best parts of the whole wedding day was having all of the family together, and lots of out-of-town family in.  Notice how you can also see parts of our GORGEOUS Holy Rosary of downtown Indianapolis!


My cousin Arlena and my dad, after the wedding.  It was lovely to have Arlena in from New Jersey for the weekend - we were able to have lunch with her on Monday, an added treat.


This doesn't need words.


Our mutually adopted brother/son, Tim, walking my mother up the aisle to the Marian hymn "Daily, Daily Sing to Mary".



Me and dad - I'll be the next one he walks up the aisle, although it'll be three years MINIMUM!  Those pearl earrings were a gift from Sarah to each of her bridesmaids - I love them!


The bride and cousin Arlena.  :)  In retrospect, I really didn't spend that much time with Sarah on her wedding day, I did a lot of running around and getting things done and making sure everyone was where they needed to be.  Well, I'm going to not dwell on it too much, and hopefully be able to spend some time with her before the end of the summer.  Sarah's wearing pearls that were a graduation gift for Sister Michael, so they were both the "borrowed" and "old" element, and a way of remembering our beloved Sister, who was praying so hard on this day, I'm sure!