The End of the Year

December 31, 2012 - the conclusion of another Year of Our Lord.  Too often we - I - tend to focus on what's going wrong day-by-day, what do I need to fix, what has to be dealt with, etc.  For a while I tried to start the habit of every evening, before I went to bed, thinking of at least a few things that could be categorized as positives for the day.  Frequently my roommate and I would get loaded down with stress and our conversation before bed was filled with complaining or venting or worrying.  It really helped the few times that we remembered to talk about something cheerful before we went to sleep.  I need to start that habit again!  At any rate, at this end of the year, before I have to start worrying about everything in the next year, I'll try and list the good things that happened to me this year, and why they were good!  Deo gratias!

These are in no particular order.

1. Got my first real jobs - McAlister's Deli as a waitress and MISO in IT Compliance.  I had good coworkers and bosses, got a lot of beneficial work experience, and good life experience too!

2. Finished my first year of college at Christendom.  3.565 GPA!  Made wonderful friends, learned so much, grew in my faith and as a person.

3. Turned 19.  Last teenaged year!  Had a lovely birthday party.

4. My sister got engaged.  Scary, yes, but she's happy and he's a decent fellow, so there we are.

5. Formed a good friendship which has now turned into a good relationship with an awesome guy.

6. Joined the Legion of Mary and became an officer.  I'm nowhere near being a good Legionary - I'm lazy! - but I'm glad I took the Promise and I'm going to work harder next semester.

7. Was introduced to the world of theatre.  Helped with costumes for Nicholas Nickleby in April and Lady Windermere's Fan in October.

8. Started work as the Christendom Press department student worker.  Started publishing process for Dr. Carroll's last manuscript!  Sent the files to the publishers just before Christmas!

9. Improved my writing style, especially by writing for Mrs. Hickson and doing my 12-page exegesis.

10. Managed to keep up a daily Rosary for the entire summer.

11. Was offered an internship for the Catholic Writer's Guild next summer!

12. Served on the Welcome Weekend committee for the incoming freshmen of 2012 - lots of fun.

I'll probably keep updating this post as I remember things, but here's a start!