Prayer Requests

I know I promised to post something for each of the twelve days of Christmas.  Unfortunately, I'm too tired and drained tonight to write anything coherent or remotely inspirational.  I ask you, though, for prayers for two of my relatives.

One, an uncle, fought an infection earlier in the year and lost part of his foot - he's now battling a second infection and was taken to the hospital again this afternoon.  Pray that he recovers quickly with no serious consequences.

The second, my great-grandmother/great-aunt (yeah, my family tree resembles spaghetti sometimes) who is very elderly and seems to be nearing the end.  Prayers for her salvation (she's not Catholic) and for a peaceful death.

God's will be done.  Deus lo vult!

And just because I feel like it - VIVA CHRISTO REY!!!!  VIVA!!!