Day 1: Novena for the Feast of the Assumption

In nine days, the Universal Church will celebrate with a great feast the Assumption of Our Lady, body and soul, into heaven.  More about the feast itself and the traditions surrounding it as it draws closer.  In the mean time, now is the day to begin a novena to Our Lady in honor of her Assumption.  I pray that she give me the strength to keep track of all my responsibilities in this coming school year - the major ones being my new job, and my role as secretary for the Legion of Mary praesidium on campus.  I've told her that I'll continue my services in the Legion if she helps me fill all of my scholastic and extra-curricular duties without burning myself out!

Found this novena on the EWTN website - there's another novena prayer there, if you prefer it.  I like the way this one is worded so powerfully - spiritual warfare has been on my mind since I heard a talk by Father Hollowell a few weeks ago.

Majestic Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the Angels, you received from God the power and command to crush the head of Satan. Therefore, we humbly beg of you, send forth the legions of Heaven, that under your command they may seek out all evil spirits, engage them everywhere in battle, curb their pride, and hurl them back into the pit of hell. “Who is like unto God?”

     With firm confidence we present ourselves before you, our most loving Mother, afflicted and troubled as we are, and we beg you to let us understand the love you have for us by granting this petition, if it is according to the Will of God and profitable for our salvation: (mention your request).

     Good and tender Mother, you shall ever be our hope and the object of our love. Mother of God, send forth the Holy Angels to defend us and drive far from us the cruel foe.
Holy Angels and Archangels, defend and keep us.

I'll repost this novena every day for the days leading up to the feast, and include (if I remember!) a different painting of the Assumption.  The event is a favorite of artists.  As a side note, is a highly useful website!

[caption id="attachment_483" align="aligncenter" width="415"] Bartolome Esteban Murillo[/caption]