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Say some prayers for me!  I am starting my career on my college newspaper this weekend!  I have a 600-800 word article for the Rambler due on Monday, September 19.  I'm begging for St. Michael's intercession for me (it is his feast day on Monday) as I battle writer's block.  Correction: I stupidly forgot to check the calendar...St. Michael is September 29.  Tomorrow is the feast of St. Januarius!  Also a very cool saint.  The article is a profile piece, basically an introduction to the readers of the Rambler of two new employees here on campus.  I'll post my article as soon as it's completely written, but right now I need to lock myself in the library for about three hours.  Luckily all my other homework for the weekend is mostly done, so I can focus on this for now.

The weather here has been fluctuating between sunny, clear days just warm enough to negate the need for a sweater, and chilly, damp days when we only want to curl up in a fuzzy blanket with hot chocolate!  Today is one of the latter category, but a friend and I did hike down to the river and study on the dock for an hour or so.  We were a little hesitant to go through the woods, since apparently maintenence spotted a mother bear with two cubs somewhere on campus earlier this week, but decided that the risk really was not much.  Spotted a Great Blue Heron, a couple of raptors of unknown type, and two kingfishers enjoying the river with us.

Earlier this week, on Founder's Day, was the blessing of a new wayside crucifix on the hill near the entrance of the school.  We then processed to the graveside of our founder, Dr. Warren Carroll, to pray for his soul.  Our college is now 34 years old - the first classes were held on September 14, 1977.  Look here for pictures of the Founder's Day solemnities.

I'm slowly adjusting to life in a dorm with 100 college girls!  The transition has been slow mainly because I still cannot tolerate people yelling outside my door after curfew...but I'm sure I will be able to handle it at some point.  On the other hand, I've made a number of very good friends, some freshmen and some sophomores and a senior or two.  My RA is wonderful, and I am starting to get to know some of the other 35 girls on my floor.

I've been a part of two emergency room runs in the last week - no, I was not injured!  At the Italian Night dance, on of my friends dislocated her kneecap, and this last Thursday at contra dance practice, another friend landed on her chin and got a very deep cut.

This last week has involved presenting a geometry proposition to the class, a theology exam, an English quiz, a history quiz, a Latin quiz, and my doing an interview for the Rambler.  So forgive my week-long silence on this blog!

Now, after having spent rather a bit of time doing creative writing here and shirking my duties, I must needs work on this news article.  Wish me "bona fortuna"!

Farewell for now,

A Very Frazzled College Student


  1. sounds better. and I like the black font at the top better as well. makes it a lot easier to read.


  2. As for the casualties, didn't one of your friends get diagnosed with mad cow disease?
    Lots of Love, because I'm not sitting right across from you,


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