First Dance

[caption id="attachment_25" align="aligncenter" width="373" caption="The stage - yours truly in the center with my roommates.  The Student Activities Council did a lovely job with the set-up in St. Lawrence Commons, where the dance was held.  According to the upper-classmen, though, this is minimal for the SAC. They outdo themselves at the later dances...can't wait to see!"][/caption]

It's a little late to be posting this, but we had our first dance of the season two weeks ago.  Here are pictures of the Luau!  I had loads of fun - it was so nice to have a night just for relaxing and enjoyment.  A couple of friends and I prettied ourselves for the dance an hour and a half before.  We went through our wardrobes and helped each other pick outfits, including sharing clothes and jewelry so we all had something new, just for fun.  One friend does great hair and makeup, so we even did makeovers.

I've discovered that dances here aren't just dances - there's all the prep work, which involves giggling with friends as you primp.  There's the excitement of going into a building that suddenly looks absolutely different than the cafeteria where you eat lunch.  There's the fun of walking over in heels and hose with your girlfriends, speculating on how much you will dance and how many guys will show up.  Then there's the fun of dancing, swing dancing to pop music and meeting new people.  At the end, there is my favorite tradition here at Christendom.  After every school event (introductory brunch and addresses...orientation barn dance...pilgrimages...hikes...dances...) the student body as a whole stands together and sings that most beautiful of hymns to the Blessed Virgin, the Salve Regina.  It is glorious to finish the night with that song of prayer, reminding everyone that all we do is for the glory of God, and Our Lady as our Mother and Queen is always watching us with maternal love.

Altogether, "a lovely night", as Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella sings.  The Italian Night dinner and dance is coming up this Saturday...what should I wear?


  1. Rebecca,
    Well, I was given a copy of your blog tonight after listening to Eve Owen from Christendom speak at your parent's house. I have to say, I am quite impressed with your blog. Never having read any of your work before, I think you do a marvelous job of writing and expressing your thoughts! I am sorry to say, however, I probably will not be able to view your blog on a regular basis because I am still back here working in the trenches of homeschooling. Meanwhile, I do hope you absorb all the wonderful and amazing knowledge that your professors present to you! I have to say, it would even entice me to return back to school at my age, especially for the history classes! God bless, Mrs. S.

    P.S. So are chaperones from Indy able to come for the Italian dinner/dance night?!!! LOL

  2. Thanks very much, Mrs. S! Hope everything goes well for you all this year. Heck yeah, drive on over and bring the kids!
    P.S. Get my break times from Mommy so you can schedule Christmas brass cleaning. LOL.


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