Camping, with Bison (and Babies)

Fourth of July weekend with my family means camping.  Over the last few years, we've explored several Indiana state parks, where we hike, hang out, and chill for a few days.  2016 brought a new development, as my parents decided to invest in a tent for my sister and I, so as not to cram four people into an RV meant for two.  The first thing Meredith and I figured out how to do is attach a flashlight to the ceiling so that we can read after the parental units have gone to bed.  It's the important things in life.
This tent could only be improved by the addition of a green door with a round knocker and a G-rune.

Despite a bit of a cloudy chill over the weekend, it was quiet, peaceful, and refreshing for all of us.  For me, I think the change of scenery was the principal attraction, as I've been in a city for the majority of the last year.  Living simply and unplugged under the trees for a few days was a much-needed change of pace.  Although, when we packed up the tarp and discovered the twenty or so spiders that had moved in underneath us, my suburban apartment looked equally refreshing.

So here are a few pictures for illustration!
Hiking around Oubache State Park brought us to a bison wildlife reserve, nothing new after a year's work at Domino's Farms with the local bison herd out back, but still fun to see up close.
 Also a nice medium-sized lake, which if we'd had more time I'd have tried to go kayaking on.
We also had the opportunity to celebrate my new nephew's baptism!  Little Sebastian was received into the Catholic Church on Sunday, July 3.
 And to leave you with a dose of joy for the day, I snapped this picture of my dad and his little granddaughter on Monday before we all headed home.  Cue the "Aw!"