Small Success Thursday: Growing Up

I finally have a job!  It's been a rough summer, but my work has paid off, and I start August 17th.  More about the job tomorrow - today is about the process of getting there!

Yesterday, I bought a car.  Well, if you must know, I started paperwork to buy a car.  Grr.  It's such an annoying multi-step process!  I have many phone calls ahead of me between the loan people and the car people and the insurance people.  However, I will soon be the proud owner of Martha, a black '07 Volkswagen Passat (station wagon) with epic trunk space, black leather seats, front heated seats, and *drumroll* a sunroof.  Which makes me absurdly happy.  Martha has great mileage for her age, and looks almost brand-new, for a good price, so please just give me the keys?  

Yes, I'm a Catholic nerd, and yes, I named my car Martha because I got it her on the feast of St. Martha.  Doesn't she look like a hard-working car to you?  She may get a stuffed hippo George to go with her.

Because of my job, I'm relocating, so the challenge of apartment-hunting is quite interesting.  Thanks be to God, I've found a roommate.  I sent an email to a friend on a whim, thinking she might know some young Catholic in the area looking for a roommate, and providentially, she herself was looking for one!  I'll drive up tomorrow with my dad to hunt, and hope that one of the two complexes we picked out will work for us.

Wedding planning is progressing, although the occasional snag still pops up.  I'm praying that the current issue will resolve itself fairly easily.  God willing we can get everything sorted in plenty of time.

This whole growing-up process is kind of a pain, but now that I have a direction, I'm far happier.  There is so much to deal with, but I'm certain that I know now what path God wants me on.  It's time to step forward bravely.


  1. I love your car--and even more than that, I love your car's NAME! I might have to steal it for my van, which is sine nomine at the moment. Also, I covet your heated seats because the ones in the van do not heat anymore.

    Prayers to St. Joseph are with you concerning your apartment hunt and wedding plans. I figure he can cover both bases :)

  2. So Cool about the car and the job. Good luck to you.


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