Quick Update

Lots going on over here!  It's a little crazy, but only my normal brand of crazy - nothing earth-shattering yet.  This will have to be a quick scrapbook post; until I get through the first chapter of the thesis, I don't have much time to write.

1) I've been working with our chaplain and the Legion of Mary to begin campus ministry at Shenandoah University, a big secular school up the road.  We've begun Masses there every two weeks, and I'm leading a Bible study on the off-weeks with the help of a former FOCUS missionary.  Many opportunities for humility, but it is a beautiful work (despite the rather ugly cube-shaped chapel)!


2) The thesis is...well...a thesis.  At least it's getting there.  I know I've put a decent amount of work into it so far, but it feels like no matter what I do, there is a mountain of research to handle.  I definitely underestimated the research that has to go into just a few paragraphs!  It should be pretty good by the time I'm done; it's just a matter of forcing myself, because I work best under pressure.  I do have a really great adviser, though!

3) My little niece is growing so big!  Miss Kathryn here is spoiled rotten by the grandparents and Aunt Rebecca whenever we get the chance. She's a pretty good kid, I think we'll keep her.


4) I spent Valentine's Day with Jesus.  The weekend was amazing - I attended a Miles Christi retreat of the Spiritual Exercises.  Extremely restful yet intense, peaceful, quiet, inspiring.  I'm so happy that I went; it definitely helped me both in my spiritual and emotional lives.

[caption id="attachment_1947" align="alignnone" width="660"]All the girls and Father Gonzalo - it's cold! All the girls and Father Gonzalo - it's cold!  I'm fourth from the right.[/caption]

5) Snow!  We finally got a proper snowfall, followed by gorgeous sunshine, on Tuesday.


Have a blessed Lent!