35 Years!

Here's just a quick update on life at college!

This weekend is the 35th Anniversary celebration here at Christendom.  Last night we were blessed to hear a talk given by the Theologian of the Pontifical Household, Father Wojciech Giertych, a Polish Dominican friar.  Father Giertych preached at Mass yesterday and today...a wonderful speaker.  I was able to receive a blessing from him after the talk at the cocktail reception.  He's a very kind, cheerful man, at first imposing but then inspiring.  Fireworks show last night was awesome, as well as some reminiscing from one of the original professors about the first days of the college.  We've got a dance this evening, and probably more festivities tomorrow.  Fr. Giertych will be the main celebrant at Sunday Mass - I do wish I could record his sermon!  

Yesterday was the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, one of my favorite feasts because St. Helena, who found that great relic, is my patroness.  Was able to venerate the relic of the True Cross twice!

It's been a lovely weekend, and I am so happy that I am at this wonderful college.  We owe the late Dr. Warren Carroll a great debt of gratitude for all that he did in founding this college.  Pope John Paul II told Dr. Carroll in reference to Christendom, "You have done a great work for the Church."  Indeed he did.  Those words now are graven on Dr. Carroll's tombstone at his burial place here on campus.  Along with them are Dr. Carroll's two catchphrases.  Truth exists.  The Incarnation happened.  God be thanked for this school and for the work it has done and is doing.  May He keep and protect the college, its administration, faculty, staff, benefactors, students and alumni.

[caption id="attachment_592" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Father Wojciech Giertych[/caption]