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I sincerely hope this measure gets passed!

From Fox News -

"Pull up or pay up: North Carolina Mayor pushes for fine, ban on sagging pants"

 A North Carolina mayor has issued an ultimatum to town residents: pull up your sagging pants or pay a fine.

Pro Tem Carnell Robinson, the mayor of Dunn, N.C., claims the saggy pants look among many young men is bringing down the city's image and wants to enact an ordinance prohibiting the fashion statement, WRAL-TV reported.

Under Robinson's proposal, the first two violations would result in a warning, according to the station. Third-time violators could face a fine of up to $200.

"I believe this form of dress is totally disrespectful," Robinson told the station. "(This is) just a simple matter of the community re-establishing some standards."

Robinson also said the ordinance, if enacted, would help bring down the city's crime rate.

Saggy pants "is part of a culture that breeds drug sales, drug addictions, crime and murder," Robinson said. "That is not what I want for our community."

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"He says that higher community standards will result in lower crime." ~Local news story


If you stop and think about it, that really does make sense.  Not that there still won't be crime - but if a community holds itself and its members to higher standards, crime rates will go down.  Think about the effect that fashion and clothing have on our society.  Increasingly casual and over-sexualized fashion leads to a mindset that lowers the dignity of the human person, and thereby lowers morality.  While it is difficult to see which incites the other - a decaying morality or degrading fashion trends - it is clear that the two are intrinsically connected and bound up in each other. 


  1. I guess you could justify this (I mean, I hate seeing people's underwear, don't get me wrong, but you neither can nor should make laws against EVERYTHING that is wrong or not-a-good-idea) by saying that it's considered public indecency. However, according to that, there'd be a rule about women who go around with their underclothes in full view. And I doubt that will come about. Just rambling about this. Your thoughts?

  2. If this were done at a federal level - heck no. But I think if it's a regulation made by the citizens, it would be allowable. It used to be the case that modesty was kept in check at least by civil restraints, such as when you dressed according to class or profession or were fined; mostly, though, it was from public opinion - only prostitutes wore their hair down and certain types of dresses, for example. I doubt it's really possible, and will probably be shot down by citizens who want to maintain freedom of expression. But I mostly think it's interesting how this mayor actually does recognize the connection between clothes and culture, which is a very real one. If the law were passed I think it would have a positive effect - but it probably won't be passed. There's my ramble too!

  3. I think it's funny that at one time it was improper to wear one's hair down. Various peoples at various times found it perfectly acceptable. I think that in the Middle Ages, it was acceptable for unmarried young women to wear their hair down, but don't quote me on that. It's funny how things change, and then change back again.


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