On Facebook

Just found a lovely article on Yahoo Finance which sums up (in several pages) part of my usual Facebook rant!  The points they bring up are precisely my objections to using Facebook - the privacy issues, the irresponsibility and privacy invasions of Facebook, the dangers the site poses.  Especially the fact that even if you do everything right, you still aren't protected because of the connection and openness between every person - their mistakes can easily affect you even if your own profile is as secure as it can be.  Read this article, please!  These are experienced, worldly-wise people analyzing a situation from a detached, third-person viewpoint.  I'm willing to bet the authors themselves have Facebook, yet they are still able to recognize the problems with it.


It focuses on the privacy issues with the site, not on the change Facebook has made to social interaction and communication.  Nonetheless, perhaps this will explain better than I can some of the reasons I prefer to avoid trouble altogether and not get a Facebook page.  Remind me sometime to type out the rest of my 10-minute Facebook rant!