This is what happens when I discover a new piece of technology...

Scroll down and look at the right of the screen.

Check out the Hamster.  His name is Percival Archbold Matthias.

Scroll down some more.

The Turtles.  Their names are Achilleus and Hektor.

Look at the very bottom.

Penguins!  No, I have not named them.  Too many to think of immediately.  Any suggestions?

Don't forget to feed Percival, Achilles and Hector by clicking inside their habitats.  You can make Percival exercise by clicking on the yellow centre of his wheel.  Achilleus and Hektor can be moved around by clicking and dragging.  So can the Penguins.


  1. How in the world did you do that?

  2. Remind me when we get back and I'll show you how sometime. It's remarkably easy, believe it or not! Once you get it figured out. :)


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