On studying

Studying during finals is like trying to compete in a triathlon or however you spell it without water.  As soon as one test is over, since there are no classes one immediately has to begin studying for the next exam.  And woe to you if you have two back-to-back finals - those are the worst, since you have to study for both at the same time.  As for sleep, that is a valuable commodity.  As is food.  Half of my friends sequester themselves in the dorm and live off of Ramen and caffeine.  Since I have neither of those staples, I do go to the Commons for meals.  Every now and then, it helps to take a study break.  On Saturday, I spent an hour playing Christmas carols in a raquetball court at the gym with two friends, a violinist and a violist.  Today four of us went on a long walk.  This picture will demonstrate what Finals Week does to the mind!  This is Rosemary; as her mental powers decrease, her physical energy increases.  We have yet to understand the reason for this.At any rate, we had quite a brisk, refreshing walk.  It did us all good.  Now, after conquering the ancient Hebrews, Romans and Greeks, and Aristotle's philosophy of nature, I have to do battle with 122 pages of handwritten theology notes.  Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutamus.  (Hail, Caesar, we who are about to die salute you.)  Ancient Roman gladiator salutation.  That's what I feel like.  Oh well, Christmas is coming SOON!!!!  And a full month of BREAK!!!  So the sooner I get back to studying the better off I am...oh fine.  I'm going.  Will post after I get home.


  1. I love your description of Finals Week...it's so true!


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