Yesterday morning, October 29, we were surprised here in Virginia by an unexpected snowfall.  Rumours had been bandied about that snow was coming, but all expected it to be just a flurry or, at most, a light dusting on the ground.  When I woke up that morning, though, there was a quarter-inch of snow on the ground.  By 8 a.m., there were four inches at least.  It was a wet snow, perfect for packing…and snowballs…and on a campus full of 450 young adults, what do you think will happen?

Half of the campus woke up for 7:30 Mass and the trip of prayer to the abortion clinic that was planned afterwards.  However, the weather forced the Shield of Roses committee to cancel the trip.  So, after about a half-hour of prayer in Christ the King Chapel, we began a massive snowball fight!

This was not just any snowball fight.  We had up to at least twenty people at one point!  It quickly turned into girls versus boys, of course.  I must commemorate the male army on their ability to organize, a skill which we girls seemed to lack.  We, however, did manage to pull off a flank attack from behind the chapel!  And, in the end, the females did conquer by sheer number.

I rediscovered that fact that I “throw like a girl” and can’t hit the broadside of a barn at three feet!  As it was, I did manage to get in a few good shots, but received a half-dozen snowballs straight in the head.  Well done, gentlemen.
Monica plots destruction of the opposing army.




It was wonderful to have that communal joy in the surprise that God sent us, an entirely unexpected one but still grand.  At one point during the battle, I paused to think whether or not I should be doing something else instead of “wasting” my time playing in the snow.  I considered that I did have a lot of schoolwork to get done, but that this time might actually be best spent by my enjoying some leisure for a while.  It was fruitful time in that it forced me to be active, to hang out with people I ordinarily wouldn’t, and to enjoy an activity without thinking of myself (mainly because I was too busy throwing snowballs).  Also I enjoyed some nice conversation over hot chocolate afterwards.  I decided that the spontaneous opportunity was one that I should not pass up, that perhaps God had sent it to me for a reason.

The whole episode forced me to reflect on the “live life in the moment” mantra that is so common.  Frequently, that phrase can be used to excuse one’s ignoring duties and neglecting obligations by not thinking ahead.  However, as Catholics we are called to sanctify every moment of our lives by offering it to God.  This means that we have to take every moment that we are given and, despite our past sins and future mistakes, follow God’s will in that moment.  I hope I did, and I will be trying to think about that more in the future.



  1. Ahh... Good times, good times! I like your philosophical view of "living in the moment." Although, do try to get pictures of me on here. I know, I am SUCH a ham (cow, I mean). :)


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