One down, many more to go...

The first week of classes is over!  My mind is overwhelmed by the amazing vistas of knowledge which have been opened in front of me.  I've been enjoying the many fruitful and just plain interesting discussions I have had over lunch, in class, and just anywhere.  It has been an amazing week, the first of the semester, so I can look forward to many more.  Stress will come, I am sure, but for now the homework levels are exactly manageable and my schedule is slowly coming together.

On a slightly different topic, I read an interesting article on my college's website.  Christendom has been named one of America's top ten colleges by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute!  We are right up there with Princeton, West Point, and other big-name colleges!  Check out the article on the college's website, here, and the actual assesment and rating of the top 10 colleges and the top 10 train-wrecks in America here.  I plan on a post soon here which will defend a liberal arts education, but in the meantime this rating goes a long way towards backing up my choice of school.